Energetics is a naturopathic health care practice using bio-communication technology, therapeutic grade essential oils, and herbal supplements to help you maximize your health

Whether you want to deal with particular symptoms, have significant health issues, or want to maximize your current health, Energetics can help you reach your health goals. We work with both the physical and emotional bodies, bringing both into equilibrium. Health is found in this balance and harmony. We use the best high-tech hardware and software available to give you a highly personalized and detailed evaluation and essential oil-based protocol, tracking your progress and adjusting your dosage as needed. We also offer equally reliable hair sample scans for those who cannot come to our office. Your individual program is phased and has an end date, so you know up front what to expect. This work is safe, non-invasive, effective, lasting and affordable. You are treated by Dr Mark Cochran, a naturopath with 35 years of experience, and his apprentice, Carmen Tucker, who is currently working on her doctorate in Naturopathy.