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After searching for perfect health for many years, I have made some progress and would like to share what I’m learning with you. Now that I have returned to school and am working on my doctorate in Naturopathy, I will be sharing health tips, new technology, personal success stories, relevant books, papers, videos and films on good health, as well as other blogs and websites.

I have learned to take control of my health, through careful study, frequently using alternative or complimentary health care. I believe MDs have their place, but they are no longer my primary go-to resource for my health. I want to correct my problems, not just mask them with prescriptions that deal only with symptoms.

I believe our marvelous bodies are created with the capacity to heal themselves, and that it is only through continued lack of proper care that they start showing symptoms, which are really their way of working to bring themselves into harmony. When our bodies get too far out of balance, they need some assistance to get back into balance, and there are many natural means to do this.

In my work at Energetics, I use essentials oils and some select herbal supplements. However, there are many ways to work naturally with the body, and I will include additional information here, such as diet and exercise. I look forward to hearing from my readers and dialoguing and learning from and with you.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy focuses on drug- and surgery-free health care, using appropriate natural means, such as air, sunshine, water, diet, exercise, and the bounty of the Earth placed at our disposal for our conscious use. I’m enjoying my studies so much and have a continually growing awe and appreciation for the wondrous creation of the human body. It responds so well to any positive energy we put into it, and it’s not that difficult to learn how to care for it. Of course, the sooner we start the faster and easier the results can come.  But, it’s never too late to take positive steps and take charge of our health. I passed through a serious health crisis in my late fifties, which started me on my path towards naturopathy. I am very happy with what I have found.

Drink Lots of Water

The simplest most effective health practice I feel we can adopt is to drink enough water. We’re born with @77% water in our bodies, and die with @50%, and it certainly shows in our skin. Many health conditions can be avoided if we merely stay hydrated. Statistically @75% of Americans are dehydrated. The rule of thumb is to drink 1 ounce for each pound of weight. Sorry, alcohol, soft drinks, coffee and tea do not count! If you don’t have good tasting water, or get bored with the taste, as I do, add a splash of citrus juice for flavor, or a drop of your favorite essential oil (I like Citrus Bliss). For a change I like naturally carbonated water such as San Pellegrino or Gerolsteiner (my favorite). Water is my drink of choice now. I feel my mother added years to her life when she started drinking lots of water each day, and her skin certainly looked great.


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    Looks wonderful – am looking forward to following your path!!

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